‘Lipstick feminism, also referred to as ‘stiletto feminism’ or ‘slut feminism’ is a branch of feminism in which it is not seen as contradictory to both be a feminist and to put on a show to attract men.’

What has an expression of sexual power to do with gender equality?

It seems to be a phenomenon that is either constructed to make feminism seem more ‘feminine’ or a twisted way of ‘fighting back’ at the ‘power’ men have.

To follow the thought that feminism needs ‘feminising’ is to acknowledge that feminism seems to have negative ‘masculine’ traits, such as agression –  however, the idea that only men are agressive is a fallacy perpetrated by feminism, so the argument falls apart.

If this is an expression of power aimed at equalising the ‘power’ men have in other areas, then it has to be wondered at why these areas themselves aren’t being tackled? Perhaps this is because these areas aren’t dominated by male power at all, and so cannot be confronted head on – in other words, just another expression of the underlying ‘victim mentality’ commonplace in feminism, and one that cannot stand up to reason?

‘Lipstick feminism’ causes a lot of controversy between feminists. If feminists themselves can’t agree on this, perhaps we are finally seeing this evil doctrine collapse on itself.