Looking around feminist blogs, you’ll notice an interesting trend – not only do they concern themselves with feminism, but also with other things such as animal welfare, environmentalism, third world education..

What’s wrong with that, you may ask? Nothing of course!


What is odd is that feminists consider these causes to be part and parcel of feminism and promote them as such. It’s a kind of subltle switching of labels. It’s almost as if they are saying ‘We’re not humanitarians, environmentalists, or animal welfare enthusiasts – we’re feminists, which means all of the above!’

It doesn’t.

It’s as if feminism is trying to absorb all worthy causes under its banner, which is quite sinister if you sit and think about it.

Feminism not only tries to own benevolence, but uses its very name to spead anti-heterosexual male, anti-family propaganda under guises such as DV support and slogans like ‘having it all’ – which is a lot easier to pull off if you’re simultaneously promoting genuine causes like cancer research.

It’s quite telling to notice in comparison that the majority of men’s rights links to the left of this page talk solely about men’s rights and nothing else.

Does that mean that men’s rights advocates don’t care about endangered species? No, it means that they are leaving that to zoologists, and only talking about what they want you to know without trying to draw you in with soft, separate side-issues.

Charity and benevolence are noble things for anyone of either sex, but don’t confuse feminism with anything other than what it really is – a cult of division.