There are many different kinds of feminism.

Conservative feminism, liberal feminism, radical feminism, socialist feminism..

What do all these have in common..? Feminism, of course!

A feminist, when confronted, will often blame the politics of misandry and division on another branch of feminism ;-

‘We’re not all like that!’

Don’t be fooled. Feminism is built on populist ideals that bury vague agendas. They are experts at creating divisions, avoiding scrutiny, and creating divisions to avoid scrutiny.

Demand to know where you stand.

Unless this person publicly and unconditionally esposes the nuclear family, the role of the father in society, men’s rights, father’s rights, and actively denounces and protests against misandry of any kind – this person is exactly ‘like that’!

Feminism purports to concern itself only with equality – but in reality propagates mistrust, tension and hatred between the sexes.