‘Men Working To End Violence Against Women’


I do not support or endorse this campaign.

‘Why?’, I hear you ask!

‘Surely an end to violence against women is a good idea!’

Of course it is! An end to violence against anyone is a good idea.

However, look closely at this site..

Why is the focus solely on men as perpetrators of violence against women?

Could the mission statement and focus of this organisation be another propagation of the ‘men bad, women good’ myth you see in the feminised countries?

Isn’t this a bit like naming an organisation ‘blacks against street crime’? Of course, the ludicrious and insulting implication of this name would be that most perpetrators of street crime are black. This would be very wrong – so why the double standard?

So, why aren’t women also being asked to end violence against men, too? In fact, why doesn’t the white ribbon mission statement simply read ‘working to end violence’?

Feminists will argue that domestic violence is mostly perpetrated by men. This is a common tactic used to justify and cloak the anti-male bias of the domestic violence industry.

But surely, even if most victims are women – in fact, even if just one man is a victim of violence – shouldn’t he be represented and protected too?

Undoubtedly, people with very good intentions have joined this organisation – but this is a prime example of feminism using a façade of charity to promote and engineer division and mistrust between the sexes.

If you would like to contact them with regard to the anti-male focus of their campaign and mission statement, you can petition them here.

Tel: 07941 597584
email: info@whiteribbon

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Hebden Bridge
West Yorkshire
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