Jeff Fecke is a freelance journalist from Eagan, Minnesota in the USA who is causing quite a stir within the Mens Rights Movement, as he consistently writes scathing articles about us.

However, with only a little scrutiny, it is clear to see that these articles are based on ‘straw man’ fallacies. Essentially, the ‘straw man’ is a debating technique designed to discredit opposition through means of exaggeration or deliberate misinterpretation of the opposing stance. You can read more about this technique here.

In one such article, Mr. Fecke claimed that the Mens Rights Movement ‘agitate(s) for the right to rape and assault’ (we absolutely do not). 

You can read some of his writings on these websites –

Jeff Fecke is clearly either extremely uninformed or extremely clever. What better way is there to publicise yourself as a freelance journalist than by polarising debate and courting controversy!

However, at Exposing Feminism, I encourage everyone to scrutinise all they see and make up their own minds. If you feel inclined to do so, read as much of Mr Fecke’s writings as you wish, however, do not take them as the word of the Mens Rights Movement – that comes from the MRM itself.

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