Robin Steele is a self proclaimed ‘peace activist’ with her own blog. This blog purports to highlight agitation for violence and hatred on the internet. However, it is very apparent that the blog leans heavily towards criticism of the Mens Rights Movement.

‘Cui bono’ – who benefits?

Is it the reader who cannot find evidence of hatred on the internet for themself?

I would think not.

Is it the Mens Rights Movement?

Absolutely not!

Is it someone who wishes to discredit the MRM?

Right on the button!

Unfortunately, feminists see the advancement of mens rights to be detrimental to feminism (the writing at Exposing Feminism can be seen as a response to this). If one assumes my assertation that feminism is a vehicle for hidden anti-male sentiment, it is easy to see the reasoning behind Robin’s blog.

It is also very telling that Robin links to many feminist sites, yet fails to highlight any agitation against ‘peace’ commonly found on sites like them in equal consideration of her concerns about the MRM.

Why not give it a read, and see if it is as truly representative of the MRM as the links here?