LiveJournal hosts the blog which promotes hatred of men and boys, and here is what they have to say about it;-

‘While the content in question may be disturbing and in poor taste, it does not constitute a violation of the LiveJournal Terms of Service. The content posted is simply an opinion, and we allow the expression of a wide range of opinions on LiveJournal. As long as the content does not explicitly encourage others to harass or physically harm any particular racial, ethnic, or social minority, it is considered allowable.’

And so, we have responded suitably!

Thanks to KellyMac for writing it up! You will notice that ‘Mr. Ogynist’ is an almost exact copy of Miss Andrist’s site.

Rob Case says; ‘If LiveJournal are consistent and protect this new Miss-Ogynist, then freedom of speech has been tested and upheld. If LiveJournal fold and close the site down, then we have documented proof of a blog host that practices discrimination against men and one that can be named and shamed with great abandon about the net.’

This situation will be interesting to watch!