This card is given out to women only in a location close to myself. It is publicising a female only domestic violence support organisation.

  • WHY is the abusive person a man?
  • WHY does this organisation only support females?
  • WHY does this organisation feel the need to educate women about definitions of mental abuse such as not being ‘cheerful’?
  • The wording in full;-

    ‘Mr Right

    A Non-Abusive Man:

    Is cheerful



    Tells you you look good

    Tells you you’re competent

    Uses your name

    Trusts you

    Trusts your judgement

    Welcomes your friends and family

    Encourages you to be independent

    Supports your learning, career etc

    Admits to being wrong

    Is a responsible parent

    Is an equal parent

    Does his share of the housework

    Shares financial responsibility

    Accepts that you have a right to say ‘no’ to sex

    Takes responsibility for his own well-being and happiness

    In short..

    Behaves like a reasonable human being

    Mr. Wrong

    An Abusive Man:



    Smashes things


    Calls you names

    Makes you feel ugly and useless

    Cuts you off from your friends

    Stops you working

    Never admits he is wrong

    Turns the children against you

    Uses the children to control you

    Never does the share of the housework

    Never looks after the children

    Expects sex on demand

    Controls the money

    Threatens or wheedles you to get his own way

    Seduces your friends/sister/anyone

    Expects you to be responsible for his well-being

    Blames you drink, drugs etc.’