• Does the MRM hate women?

No! Women are great. It’s feminism that is causing the problems between men and women.

Absolutely not. Rape is a vile and disgusting crime. What we care about is the ‘feminisation of victimisation’ – male rape victims have a right to support too. Feminists often like to play that point down or ignore it completely.

  • Do MRAs think that women should not have the same rights to work as men, and for equal pay?

Of course they should! But do you see many female construction workers? No, but you shouldn’t take that to be automatic evidence that women are oppressed in the construction employment market. Many women choose not to do work which calls for hard physical labour, often under dangerous conditions and to the detriment of family life – which is often better paid. Unfortunately, feminists miss these points when they compile statistics which show that women are consistently working more hours for less money than men. Ladies, if you want to go out there and build some roads, we’re only too happy to have the dinner ready for you when you get home!

(For more on this point, read ‘Why women don’t want top jobs, by a feminist’ )

Well, there are a few myths dispelled for you. However, there are plenty of ‘sources’ out there who will propagate anti Men’s Rights hysteria  present alternative points of view.

Here’s one I found today.. http://adonismirror.com/ 

So, why do I publicise this site?

Why not? ‘Sunlight is the best disinfectant’ – bring it on, for all to see!

Feminism purports to concern itself only with equality – but in reality propagates mistrust, tension and hatred between the sexes.