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More money for low income single parents as compulsion to use CSA ends.

Significant changes to Britain’s child maintenance system come into effect from today. They extend choice to more parents and deliver more money to low income families.

All parents with day-to-day care of children are now free to choose the child maintenance arrangements which best suit their own circumstances. Previously, those claiming benefits – currently around 400,000 – have been required to use the statutory service provided by the Child Support Agency (CSA).

The Child Maintainance and Enforcement Commission has ruled that Child Maintainance payments are no longer considered when applying for benefits, which means that ‘single parents’ will be incentivised with more of your money.

And so the welfare state continues to be a snowball rolling down a mountain..

And the same with the ever expanding public sector
Which perpetuates the continued attack on the nuclear family
Which contributes to gang culture , unemployment and poverty
Which encourages welfare reliance..

What this all drills down to is that the British Government is fostering dependency in exactly the same way that the drug dealer offers a first free ‘hit’.

Remember, my British friends, that you are only truly free for one day every four years – the day that you cast your vote.

Make it count.