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“A movement to promote women’s interests at the expense of men.

Despite claims by some moderate (and misled) feminists to the contrary, feminism is not a movement for the betterment of men and women. If it was, it would be called humanism.

Feminists are not concerned, for example, about the fact that four times as many men commit suicide as women or that fewer and fewer boys attend college or graduate from high school.

Feminists demand that we treat men and women as exactly equal unless it suits women to differentiate between the sexes.

For example, a typical feminist will see no irony in arguing on one hand that women need ever greater protection from domestic violence, rape and sexual harassment but on the other hand that women are just as good as men at fighting, construction, farming, police work, etc.

Question: How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?

Answer: That’s not funny, you sexist pig. I will report your hate speech and do everything in my power to destroy your career and reputation. We need a speech code to regulate people such as your. And you need to attend sensitivity training so that you can be re-educated on the benefits of feminism.”

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“Feminism is a politically correct, federally funded special interest hate group

NOW’s Clearinghouse Against Fathers’ Rights, The 3.9 billion dollar VAWA based on the myth that only men commit domestic violence and only women are victims, feminists claim that the VAWA is sex neutral, but then, they also claim that feminism is about equality.”
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“Feminism was women’s way of saying goodbye to men. And now men are beginning to say goodbye to women. “Radical” feminism is being blamed for driving a wedge between men and women. But the truth is that most women were perfectly happy to sit back and watch it happen.”
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At last the message is getting out!
Feminism purports to concern itself only with equality – but in reality propagates mistrust, tension and hatred between the sexes.