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“Gender War” hands down in the Broadcasting Commission

Published 2006-03-22 18:00

Review Board has unanimously decided to trap SVT bias in Document inifråns “Gender War.” SVT believes that the Board’s reasons for dropping the program is incorrect.

The program, which aired in two parts in the spring of 2005, depicting, among other things, a fleeing from a Satanic pedophile network which is largely based on a young woman’s story. Application to Review Board was made by two other women who also was in flight.

The Broadcasting Commission considers that the events described in the program were startling and should have been commented on by one or more of the other people involved. It also recognizes that the notifying parties’ version of events given inadequate space.

In addition, states the Board held that an assignment in the program for participants in flight did not dare to contact the police in Norway was wrong. This, together with other shortcomings in objectivity attributed to the alleged bias.

SVT believes that the Board’s reasons for dropping the program is incorrect.

“The Board is to assess whether programs are contrary to the requirement of impartiality and objectivity, but will not comment on the editorial practices. It is not the Board to decide whether and when different informants should be contacted for program production. Precipitate appears, therefore, aim to restrict journalists’ access to employment, which is incompatible with free television. editors have made it clear that escape from the Satanic network is correctly depicted in the program and also confirmed by three independent sources, writes Hans Hernborn, head of SVT’s program secretariat, in a statement. ”

Linda Andersson

Ann Persson