‘I compose this article for the enlightenment of feminist readers. Yes, I know you folks are out there, amongst the upwards of 60 million visitors who troop through here daily! I said I would throw you some scraps, but guess what? I think you deserve more than that, because I think you folks are special! So, chef Fidelbogen has cooked a full-course, sit-down meal for you guys, complete with all the fixin’s!

So let’s dig in! The most important thing to understand about the men’s movement is that it is a cross-section of humanity. This means that what humanity in its wide variety encompasses, the men’s movement likewise encompasses. It is like extracting a drop of water from a pond – stick this pond drop under a microscope and it will look identical to any other pond drop. The drop contains the pond in microcosm. So too, the men’s movement contains the human race. By that I mean that it contains the moral spectrum of human nature. The whole damned enchilada! The saints, the scoundrels, and everything in between – in the same proportions you are likely to encounter along the common roads of life.

Let us consider more closely the spectrum which the men’s movement encompasses. Men as a group are on the recieving end of feminist political fallout, therefore it is men as a group who are reacting to this fallout. And their reaction covers an enormously complex gamut of behaviors.

Pay close heed to the following: Not all of this behavior is politically conscious, and not all of it is admirable, rational or morally defensible. Men are simply reacting to the objective conditions that press upon them. Lashing out, you would say – or in some cases caving in. Over the years, feminist activism has injected into the world a number of innovations which have wrought to the disadvantage of male citizens, either directly or indirectly. And I don’t mean “loss of privilege”; I mean veritable objective injury in an absolute sense! Do you think the “R” in MRA stands for privilege? Think of this as input to a system – a system called “men”. What presently concerns us is the output which has occurred in consequence.

The feminist input to the male social ecology can fairly be described as ‘poison’. And poison, in whatever form it occurs, is a school for dysfunctional behavior. What else could it be? People who have been poisoned typically don’t behave well, do they? At the very least, they will show signs of sickness. Perhaps it is only bad manners. Or perhaps it takes a more dangerous form. But either way, you know that something has gotten into them.

The input into the system called ‘men’ has been poison. And the output from this system has likewise been…poison.

Poison in, poison out.

When you systematically stir up hate toward a targeted population, and systematically enact laws and policies that could deprive this targeted population of wealth, health, happiness, security, a good name and other needful things, then you can expect this targeted population to “act out” in various ways, in token of its displeasure.

Now the targeted population in this case amounts to half the human race, and that is no trifle. On the contrary, it is significant and should be treated as such. For one thing, the numbers are formidable. For another thing, the nature of what has been wrought introduces tortuous complexities into the world – like opening a can of hellworms.

Poison in, poison out.

The spectrum of male reaction corresponds to the variety of human types encompassed by the category men. Every man will act out according to his individual nature. However, take note: The pressures bearing down upon men are liable to have a cumulative warping effect. Specifically, such pressures will warp men en masse in a misogynistic direction. Men who are just a shade misogynistic to begin with will predictably become more so, but what’s concerning is that even men who are NOT misogynistic are apt to become just a shade so.

Call this the misogynistic shift. It occurs chiefly because, given the objective circumstances within their own lights, men rationally find less reason to think well of women. Women, for their own part, merely display their imperfect human nature because, under the press of moral challenge most of them fail to attain the level of heroic insight. They are soft, they are venal, they are naive, they are lazy, they are sheep-like, they are shortsighted, they are self-deceiving – simply put, neither better nor worse than men. But here, their human weakness makes them fall short in a specific manner that just happens to be male-detrimental. And men, particularly those whose lights afford them no better insight, take this unkindly.

Poison in, poison out.

However, not only have we got the misogynistic shift to deal with, but as originally stated we must also confront a variety of human types behaving in the many ways that human types naturally behave – which in the varied course of things is not always admirable, rational, morally defensible or politically conscious! Yes, a full spectrum of men reacting in a full spectrum of human ways to a pattern of damaging pressures applied toward men as a group. Here it is needful to understand, that without the initial action or input, the reactive behaviors would not be happening!

Think about that. Without the initial action or input, the reactive behaviors would not be happening!

Poison in, poison out.

A few years ago, the feminist thought-leader Germaine Greer made the following statement in a newspaper article:

“A kind of mad squeamishness prevents us from quantifying the nuisance value of maleness, possibly because if you actually tell men that they are damned nuisances, they are likely to behave even worse.”

Germaine Greer is bang on the money, for when you treat men the way Greer treats them in this statement, look out! One way or another, you’ll get what you deserve. When you abuse people, they are likely to behave even worse. Surprise, surprise!

Poison in, poison out.

I should add the obvious, that two can play at this game. Gender-sliming is a two-way street, and plenty of men have made their case, eloquently and plausibly, that women likewise are damned nuisances.

Yet there is something else, greater than the obvious, which I would draw to your attention. It is this: that even if the vile things feminists say about men were a little bit true, or possibly quite a bit true, it would generate no moral invalidation of the socio-political effect I am describing. There is no law against being a damned nuisance and nobody, not even a damned nuisance, enjoys being trodden on! If you make the world an unhealthy or unprofitable place for one half of the human species, I guarantee that your policy will turn around and BITE YOU ON THE ASS! Yes, that is how the world works, and if you don’t believe me just try it and see for yourself! Oh yes, we’ll see who’s a bloody nuisance all right! I am a quiet, laid-back person. A soft-spoken person. However, I am no pacifist. So please don’t force me to be the the kind of person you say I am!

Poison in, poison out.

In the end, it all comes to this: Male-bashing is not a wise idea. It is a lose-lose game any way you play it; a fool’s game in fact, and bound to have fool’s consequences. If male-bashing continues, look out! Trouble ahead! One way or another, across the board, men are in motion. There’s a foul wind blowing, and this is understandably setting them astir. You ought to be concerned; not on their account, but on your own! Given certain inputs, and given the archetypal patterns that hold sway within the realm of human occurrence, it may be predicted, on a statistical order of probability, that certain outputs will obtain.

Poison in, poison out.

The purpose of my counter-feminist agency is to analyze, inform, advise, and PREDICT. I make no threats, and I prescribe no toxic outcomes. I merely PREDICT what is likely to occur if certain policies and trajectories continue unabated. Others are free to believe or disbelieve whatever I might tell them; it is surely no task of mine to force their conscience one way or the other.

Men, as I have noted, are in a state of agitation owing to the toxic social conditions that feminist activism has been instrumental in generating. This agitation takes many forms, much of it ostensively linked to proximate causes only, with the connection to feminism not clearly seen. Indirect agencies are at work, which means that within the social ecology the larger workings of the domino chain are easily discounted or overlooked. But proximate causes have proximate causes of their own, and all of it trickles downhill from the points of input to the system.

And what happens when you input poison to a system? You know what I’m going to say: It poisons the entire system! And what happens when you shove people into a box? You know perfectly well what happens: They come out boxing! The scary part is that a lot of them are boxing blindly, and that means you had best stand clear! Considering how much smoke and dirt they’ve taken in their eyes, they don’t always rightly know what they’re pummeling!

No, their behavior isn’t always admirable, rational, morally defensible or politically conscious! The cross-section of humanity encompasses both men who have been rendered monstrous by horrendous suffering, and men who were admittedly never sterling critters in the first place! But it’s an ugly deal whichever way you cut it.

Poison in, poison out!

Oh yes, that reminds me: It is unspeakable folly to pipe the poison which flows from the output back into the input again. This adds injury to insult, and insult to injury, and ratchets up the cycle of political violence by effectively blaming the collective victim, meaning “men”. It is exactly like provoking somebody into hitting you, and then using that action as “evidence” against them. Feminism accumulates more bad karma this way than by any other means. What goes around comes around, and you guys are storing up a power of trouble for yourselves. Stop that! For your own sake!

Poison in, poison out!

Very well, I have given you the avian overview of a male population in motion – truly a men’s movement! Not all of this movement is politically conscious, but all of it is symptomatic of a malady, and continued application of the evils which brought about this malady will serve only to prolong and multiply the the trouble for all concerned.

I turn now to the question of expectations – what your side may expect, and what shall be expected of it. My purpose here is not to argue or debate. It is to inform – specifically to inform you of things that you would profit greatly from knowing. I purpose only to exhibit the objective state of present reality to feminist readers, so that the more intelligent among them will be guided in their thinking along lines which I have chosen.

The men’s movement is large. It numbers easily in the millions, especially if you factor in the many who are (as of yet) barely conscious of the movement’s existence, who operate in isolation, and want only the right spark to awaken them into a full-blown political consciousness. Yes, the sleeping dragon is big, and it sprawls clear across the planet. That is worth thinking about.

You must understand also, that the men’s movement is here for the duration. It will not go away. Moreover, if present evils persist, the movement will grow – stronger, larger, more intellectually sophisticated, more robustly integrated. The movement has naught to lose, and nowhere to go but up. Obstacles will pose no deterrent; it will flow over, around, or under any sort of roadblock it encounters. If temporarily held in check, the movement will gather force like water behind a dam.

Sitting on the men’s movement and squashing it will be to no avail. Hammer it into what form you wish – it will keep growing. Slander it, and it will spread. Leverage the power of the state against it, and it will intensify. Preach against it, and its charisma will climb the scale.

But then again, perhaps you are thinking that if you “chill out” and freeze the status quo exactly where it now stands without rocking the boat unnecessarily, then it will be possible to preserve the feminist hegemony in a holding pattern, with its subjugatory apparatus largely intact.

That would be a mistaken hope, for it ignores feminism’s inherently unstable character. Feminism, you see, is a perpetual revolution, and the nature of such a beast is to remain in motion, perpetually changing, perpetually posing new difficulties, perpetually churning up new dramas while it bores indefatigably into the future. In a certain sense, feminism has no existence separable from its disruption of what surrounds it. It is merely a force, like a dust-devil, and you cannot freeze a dust-devil; it will not hold a pose. And so it is with feminism. It is in vain to suppose that by some combination of consolidating your gains and not antagonizing the men’s movement needlessly, feminism will stay in the saddle and things will stay the same indefinitely. This would be futile because it is not the nature of a perpetual revolution to settle down, ever.

If feminism ever “freezes”, it will collapse and its power will evaporate. Feminism is not simply in motion, it IS motion!

Having understood the foregoing, you will see how it diminishes your options. The fact is that it leaves you only one choice: To keep moving and growing ad infinitum, just in order to keep existing.

So, if feminism wants to keep existing, it must continue to plough its customary furrow into the future, like an entropic vector that spreads degradation and poison into the social ecology, like a sinner who cannot let go of his sin without ceasing to be a sinner. That is how feminism has always operated. However, note my choice of words. This time I didn’t say “male social ecology”. I said just plain social ecology.

Yes, there is a male social ecology. Likewise, there is a female social ecology. But prior to both there is a social ecology plain and simple, a big round one that encompasses men and women alike from all directions and flows back and forth between them. Face it, men and women live on the same planet, their physiologies are overwhelmingly the same, they drink the same water and breathe the same air, they are indispensable to each other as a species, and their well-being is mutually interwoven – nay, fused together as one – in a multitude of ways that we needn’t ever hope to catalogue exhaustively.

Feminists love to trumpet the idea that women are the “ecological” sex, the ones who embody the virtues of relatedness, connectedness, interdependence, intuition, holistic feeling, pre-rationality, communalism, pacifism and the like. I’ll omit “women” from the discussion here, but I cannot miss the monumental irony that there is nothing ecological about feminism, which in its holistic praxis has been female-solipsistic through and through, to say nothing of supremacist. For all of its green rhetoric, the women’s movement has persistently acted oblivious to the sexually interdependent nature of human well-being.

Women’s well-being is not some 4X monster truck which you can drive anywhere you like, flattening the fences and flowerbeds, and running over men’s well-being as if no such thing even existed. No, you cannot wreck one half of a social ecology without repercussions upon the other half. Forgive me for belaboring the totally fucking obvious, but you cannot limit your strychnine to just half of a well.

And yes, that IS what feminism has been doing, all of these many years – poisoning the well of life from which we ALL must drink! That is my own conclusion, and that is the conclusion of most politically conscious members of the men’s movement all around the world. So…now you know exactly what manner of attitudinal tidal wave confronts you. This tidal wave is indisputably PRESENT on earth, and whether or not you agree with what this tidal wave is saying, the brute fact of its existence cannot be swept under the carpet, not can the inner sincerity of righteous conviction which it embodies.

Why am I telling you this? Because I think you need to know it. However, I am not telling you what to believe. Perish the thought! Your choice to believe or not believe is yours, and yours alone. But please understand that whichever choice you make, it will have consequences – a fact which bears sober consideration! Are we clear?

So as I stated earlier, you cannot simply consolidate your gains and stay the same, for if you undertook to do so, your power would melt away. And again as before, you have consequently only one choice: To keep moving and growing ad infinitum, just in order to satisfy the requirements of a perpetual revolution, and keep existing. But if you follow this course, you must keep doing what feminism has always done. And if you keep doing what feminism has always done, consequences will follow – consequences not only to men, and not only to the social ecology, but consequences to feminism in particular.

The main reason that feminism has gained so much ground over the years and reached its present status, is because it took a lot of people by surprise. It caught them napping. Doing nice things for women – who could possibly find fault with that? Nattering about some arcane legal pedantry like “rape is a crime of violence!” – sure, whatever…okay. Most men, including the present writer, were oblivious to the nine-mile snare that was gradually closing in around them. They didn’t foresee the coordinated master plan. They couldn’t possibly imagine the bearing of it all. Besides, they were too busy living their own lives.

But now things are changing. More and more men all the time are waking up to their objective political situation as men. They are bursting their mental shackles asunder, and learning to see the facts of the world flat-on, with their own eyes and with their newly reawakened native perceptions. Simply stated, they are becoming politically conscious.

And they are gaining critical mass.

This will have consequences for feminism. Once again, feminism is a perpetual revolution, and we know what that means, don’t we? A perpetual revolution is bound by FATE to keep performing as it has always done, simply in order to keep existing as a revolution. It is programmed to operate in this way, and it can do none other! But this will pile up a heap of difficulties for you, for the simple reason that the men’s movement is growing wise to your tricks, and furthermore, the men’s movement is just plain GROWING.

Let me put that another way: The men’s movement is getting SMARTER, and the men’s movement is getting BIGGER! You guys have pulled the wool in front of our eyes for too many years, but we’re not falling for it any more. For all of those years, YOU were growing while WE were sitting in the dark having shit fed to us. But now, WE are moving into the light, and WE are not eating your shit any more. And yes…we too are GROWING! At long last!

And that changes everything. The whole equation. The whole balance of power.


I am not telling you what to believe, I am just TELLING you!!!!

More and more men are seeing through the big lie that is the women’s movement! More and more men understand that feminism is unnatural! More and more men know that feminism is morally bankrupt!

And something else. More and more men realize that arguing with feminism is the biggest waste of time the world has ever known! Feminism is NOT a rational force with a rational plan; you CANNOT argue with feminism! You cannot “reason” with it!!!!

And that is why I, a man, am NOT arguing with you now!

No. I am simply TELLING you WHAT IS WHAT!!!

I am simply TELLING you where it’s AT!!!

I am simply TELLING you what TIME it is!!!

Suddenly, life has gotten very simple!






The men’s movement is growing, and I PREDICT that it will continue to grow. And I PREDICT that as time goes on, you will meet more and more men like myself who will NOT waste their energy arguing with feminism! These men will devote themselves more profitably to organizing, mobilizing, preaching, exhorting, blogging, leafleting, educating, recruiting and finally….taking direct action!

Those are my predictions. Believe them or not. It’s your choice.

You see, you have finally met your match. You got a big head start upon us, to the tune of 40 years, and that is why you are strong and we are weak. You have outflanked us and outgunned us, and yes, outwitted us! You have gained victory in a one-sided WAR only because the other side never even knew that any war was under way! But the times are changing!

I said that life has gotten simple. What I meant to say is that life has gotten simple for US, not for you. For too long, feminism has made life complicated for men, while offering women a host of moral shortcuts in the game of life. This state of affairs is set to implode upon your heads, and the implosion will come about both from the ineluctable logic contained in the onrush of events, and from the accumulated moral force of male consciousness.

For at long last you are facing a highly motivated and highly aware opposition, which is morally and intellectually armed to the teeth, and understands you to a ‘T’! That was not the case in years past, but is very much indeed the case now. That is why you have met your match.

And there is nothing you can do about it. Time is on our side. The men’s movement, on its collective mind level, is a rational force with clearly understood goals and a growing consensus of grassroots support. Feminism is merely a perpetual revolution, an automaton, operating from a base of female supremacism, female solipsism, cognitive fragmentation, and artificial life support from various institutions, divorced from the social ecology of the ecumenical human condition.

Being a perpetual revolution, you can do only do what you are programmed to do, mindlessly clanking along and churning up the world in your path according to the ever-shifting requirements of your revolutionary drive for power. But you will find that your programming, which served you well enough in years past when you faced no meaningful opposition, will no longer serve you under the altered conditions which are now arising in the world. It will be a new game, in which our side will advance steadily and overtake you. You have a 40-year advantage, but that gap will diminish. It is only a matter of time.

Life for you will become more difficult, more vexing, more taxing of your energy. The world will become more polarized – you against us – and this polarity will give you plenty of moral headaches! And still, the movement of men will continue to gain upon you in its slow, patient, orchestrated manner.

Expect your movement to fragment, or more accurately, to pull apart like taffy under the stress of socio-political tidal forces. Look around you, it is happening even now! As our movement and your movement come to loggerheads, your movement – being challenged at every trick and every turn of the cards – will find itself increasingly stymied as a perpetual revolution, unable to continue operating in that capacity. Deprived of this perpetually whirling, self-validating energy, your movement will be forced to think outside the box and to begin seeing itself objectively. Your followers will undergo cognitive dissonance to a growing degree, and many of them will commence back-peddling, soft-peddling, hedging, compromising, and finally…jumping ship altogether.

When feminism ceases to be a perpetually revolving, generating center, it will cease to be recognizably feminism at all. The entropy, once it is forbidden to flow outward, will instead flow inward. It will become centripetal; it will contract. And thereupon things will commence to unravel even within your very own gates. Being unable any longer to feed upon the world, your movement will auto-cannabilize. Your perpetual revolution, rather than chewing up the world, will turn inward and devour itself, owing to the force of counter-feminist pressure. The radius will grow smaller and smaller, and although the exposed core will burn more fiercely than ever, this too will boost the demise of it.

If all of this sounds like wild, mystical talk, I can assure you that plenty of brothermen in the movement – whose intelligence I respect and with whom I am right proud to be associated – will eventually read this, will comprehend in full what I am saying here, and will know exactly how to make their varied endeavors comport with the matter I have shared. Not that it makes any difference. I am only predicting the course of developments, and these will unfold with or without my poor support.

But you must not forget that your movement will reach a standoff with the movement of men in which all argument, all debate, all effort by either side to convince the other, will be futile. Equally futile, on that day, will be your customary strategy of appealing to male guilt. Remember that you are facing a growing body of people who will only laugh at you, and scoff at you, and throw feminist guilt right back in your face! And when they do this, how do you intend to answer it? You’ll not dissuade them, and if you try to suppress them by force – leveraging the power of law and the state – then the situation will grow steadily more volatile, and your own position inexorably more tenuous, along the line of the scenario which I have described.

The writing is on the wall. You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting. Your kingdom shall be demanded of you.

And the day will arrive when one choice only shall be given you.

On that day you shall have none other boot, than come to the table and NEGOTIATE, like it or not, with people such as we whom now you deem scarcely human. And the taste of this will be like unto bitter ashes in your mouth, but that is none of our doing..

Some of you might be wise to skip the negotiation part altogether, by the very simple expedient of changing sides. Defecting, I mean. Some of you, I know, are nearly to that point already. I would remind you, as I have myself written elsewhere, that nobody is born a feminist. At the end of the day, “feminist” is little else than a word which certain people have stuck to themselves, by personal choice, as an identifying label. Possibly you too have made the personal choice to stick this word to yourself, even though the strength of your conviction is not particularly strong. Well consider now that such a sticky trifle is easily unstuck, and if it would not distress you unduly you should peel that little goober off your sleeve, wad it up and chuck it over your shoulder with never a backward glance.

No, let me say state that again, with vehemence: FLEE! Flee from that valley! Flee as you would flee from the valley of Sodom and Gomorrah, and whatever you do, don’t look back!

But for you who remain in the valley, there will be no course possible but negotiation. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, the movement of men will grow progressively more forceful until it renders your existence prohibitively difficult, sapping your velocity finally to the point of standstill.

And if, having come to this point, perpetual revolution fails….then feminism fails – on the spot.

Either that, or negotiation starts.

And negotiation will address what, precisely? It will address the terms of feminism’s obsolescence. No more and no less.

It will be in your interest to negotiate, to step out of your briar patch and square up to the world. Posterity will judge you more kindly if you do.

If you undertake deceit in the manner of your negotiation, in hopes of perpetuating your revolution by subterfuge, then the vigilant eye of counter-feminist scrutiny will quickly make note of your devices, and your eventual reckoning will be the harsher for it.

We shall have, I trust, occasion to speak further of these things.’