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Men seeking equal treatment = “backlash”
Women seeking equal treatment = “feminism”
Discrimination against men = “equal opportunity”
Discrimination against women = “discrimination”
A woman with grievances = “victim”
A man with grievances = “angry”
Open discussion of gender issues = “misogyny”
Men looking for equal treatment in the courts = “abuse”
Consensual sex between a man and woman = “rape”
Heated discussion between a man and woman = “domestic violence”
Women receiving preferential treatment/privileges = “equality”
A numeric majority of the human species = “minority”
Any woman = “victim”
Any man = “oppressor”
Any child = “property”
A woman talking about hating men = “empowerment”
A man talking about hating women = “hate speech”
A sexually predatory woman dressed like a hooker = “liberation”
A man with any interest in sex = “rapist”
A woman who wants to be with her children = “mother”
A man who wants to be with his children = “abuser”
A woman who forces children under her care/authority into sex = “the
child was lucky”
A man who forces children under his care/authority into sex
= “pedophile”
A shelter providing emergency services to abused women = “women’s shelter”
A shelter providing any services to abused men = “prison”
Female genital mutilation = “sexual repression”
Male genital mutilation = “acceptable custom that protects women from

A man assaulting a women = “(domestic) violence”
A woman assaulting a man = “humor”
A man who beats his female partner = “batterer”
A woman who beats her male partner = “victim”
A disposable slave = “man”
A human being = “woman”
Hating women = “a crime”
Hating men = “a viable political act” – Robin Morgan

Distorting or lying about reality = “feminist analysis”
Biology = “lies”
Reality = “discrimination”
Any power a man has = “patriarchy”
Any power a woman has = “empowerment”
Pornography pleasing to lesbians = “erotica”
Pornography pleasing to men = “exploitation and degradation of women”
Person who says feminists are wrong = “hate criminal”
Woman-firster and advocator of any measure against men = “feminist”
Patriarchy = “bad”
Matriarchy = “good”
Male leader = “backwards”
Female leader = “improvement”
Pro-lesbianism and female, anti-male = “feminist ideology”
Same standards, honest competition = “unfair”
Female sexuality = “nurturing”
Male sexuality = “objectifying”
Female virgin = “pure”
Male virgin = “pathetic”
Female modesty = “noble”
Male modesty = “creepy”
Pandering to male audiences = “sexism”
Pandering to female audiences = “fulfilling a niche”
Women standing up for themselves = “empowerment”
Men standing up for themselves = “chauvinism”
Woman proud of her appearance = “confident”
Man proud of his appearance = “vain”
Innate female advantages = “complementary”
Innate male advantages = “sexist”
Women’s space = “safe haven”
Men’s space = “patriarchal breeding ground”
Women discussing their issues = “therapeutic”
Men discussing their issues = “whining”
Female intellect = “pioneering”
Male intellect = “masturbatory”
Man obeying a women = “respect”
Women obeying a man = “slavery”
Men being sexually critical = “shallow”
Women being sexually critical = “having standards”
Female rage = “indignation”
Male rage = “insecurity”
Male abuse of power = “direct consequence of patriarchy”
Female abuse of power = “indirect consequence of patriarchy”
Unemployed woman = “homemaker”
Unemployed man = “loser”
Female indulgence = “happiness”
Male indulgence = “selfishness”


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