From the BBC ;-

Proposed reforms of the law on homicide in much of the UK could change the way a murder charge is reduced to manslaughter.

They would see the partial defence of provocation scrapped and replaced with two new ones.

And here’s more ;-

Changes to the murder laws in England and Wales could mean victims of domestic violence could escape a murder conviction.

The changes follow a 2006 report by the Law Commission which suggested wide-ranging recommendations to change current legislation.

Under the new plans, long-term domestic abuse victims could use a partial defence of “fear of serious violence” to be convicted of a lesser charge of manslaughter.

The proposals also suggest that a provocation defence, used by men who kill their wives or partners in a fit of jealousy, be scrapped.


So, under this proposed legislation, UK courts may be lenient on victims of domestic abuse who turn to MURDER.

This defence will be recognised for WOMEN ONLY .

Marriage strike, anyone?