From ‘Madonna was a middle class girl pretending to be tough’ by Germaine Greer, The Sun, 15th August 2008 ;-

‘US author and feminist Camille Paglia was fooled into saying Madonna was the future of feminism, and feminists who opposed censorship were only too ready to believe it.

Then she married English movie director GUY RITCHIE and started penning children’s books.

..One of Madge’s problems is that, despite her performances of bisexuality, she’s straight. What she really needs is a wife.’


How dare Madonna get married.. to a man !

This is the greatest riddle of feminism, and one that won’t go away. Why does the author feel that she has the right to be judgemental about how another woman chooses to use her ’empowerment’? Isn’t that judgement itself an act of disempowerment?

Isn’t it now politically incorrect to ‘judge’ people, anyway ? We all know how much feminism loves political corrrectness!

There is another example of this here !

Feminism frees women to be what they want to be.. as long as what they want to be is ANTI-MALE!